Hey brunchers! It’s been a long while. Although we have still been hitting up new brunches throughout Long Island as of recent, we have slacked on the postings! In order to ensure timely (and not time-consuming) posts in the future, we are going to skim down the posting and give you the most important stuff: the ratings and the why! Check out our review of Hatch in Huntington!

Food- 9/10: The Peanut Butter Pancakes were to die for. Loved the Chilaquiles Benedict (love the twist/combo) but felt like it was missing something (possibly a little heat).

Drinks- 9/10: Loved the different flavor mimosas (good ratio of champagne to juice) and the Bloody Mary was on point, but not the best we’ve had.

Experience- 9/10: Kept the drinks flowing and pretty timely with the food. A little bit of a dead atmosphere, even for a weekday.

Deal- 8/10: $15 for a bottomless brunch with top-notch food is never bad, however it’s hard to do bottomless on weekdays only!

We thank Hatch for having us and look forward to trying them in the future! Stay tuned for more reviews of bottomless brunches throughout Long Island, as well as an updated brunch list! 🥂

Bistro 72

Hey brunchers! We skipped a brunch post and instead bring you a brunch review this week! We checked out Bistro 72’s Bottomless Brunch! Here’s what we thought:

Food 8/10- I must say, it was hard to make food choices with so many appetizing options on the menu. We started off with the Bistro Brunch Pizza, and wow. Perfect way to start brunch if you’re sharing an app with a couple of people. Cheese, meaty and topped with fried eggs: amazing. For entrees, we had the Crabcake Benedict and Chicken and Waffle. A twist on the traditional CC Benny, this one had a Crispy Fried Egg Benny on top of a delicious and packed lump crab cake and fried pork belly. However, the dish was missing the pork belly, and it hurt our hearts. The Chicken and Waffle, although had a delicious chicken cutlet, was underwhelming as the waffle was pretty soggy and ordinary. Great start, average finish.

Drinks 10/10- The only drinks that they had available for bottomless was their Mimosa, and it was more than enough. Probably the most perfectly crafted Mimosa we’ve had in a long time. Perfect ratio, quality champagne, real orange juice and poured in a flute. Checks all the boxes!

Experience 8/10- Great, clean venue with a lounge vibe and big outside area for a nice, warm day. However, there was a breakfast party going on and there were a ton of bees. Eventually, bees were drowning themselves in our mimosas and had to move ourselves inside. Our waiter was extremely friendly and helpful, and in the beginning was on top of our bottomless drinks, however there were times in the end the waiter disappeared for a good bit, even when it wasn’t busy. I can safely say that this place would receive a 10 on another visit.

Deal 6/10- A fine deal for a lovely venue, robust menu with good food as well as one of the best Mimosas you will find on the East End with no real time limit. A different review, and perhaps adding another drink such as a Bellini will raise the deal rating.

We thank Bistro 72 for having us and look forward to trying them out again. Stay tuned for more reviews on Bottomless Brunches throughout Long Island! 🥂

Havana Central

Hey brunchers! Recently we checked out Havana Central and their Bottomless Brunch! Here’s what we thought:
Food 8/10- Where to start? Much of it was very good, however the appetizers were to die for! The Bucket of Cuban Fried Chicken was a hit! So moist yet crispy, and came with a bunch of dipping sauces that made the chicken even better! We also order the Lobster Stuffed Avocado, Fried Calamari and the Breakfast Empanadas. For entrees, the Overnight French Toast was king. Cuban bread soaked overnight and topped with dulce de leche sauce. So amazing! The Steak & Eggs and the Hungry Man were also ordered, however those entrees weren’t as lauded as the appetizers.
Drinks 5/10- As good as the food was, the bottomless drinks definitely lacked. To start, the Bloody Mary was one of the worst I’ve ever had. Watery, lacked really any spice or horseradish. The Mango Mimosa was a nice twist on the Mimosa, however lacked strength. Both Sangrias were average at best, and were a little more sweet than normal. What was the most disappointing was the Bacardi Rum Punch. Just seemed like after ordering the first one which wasn’t half bad, the drinks became sweeter and sweeter. Most of the drinks were pre-made for quickness, but seemed to lack quality.
Experience 7/10- Large venue that definitely had an authentic vibe to it. We thought sitting at the bar would be easier for us to get drinks, however although the bartenders were nice, they weren’t always as attentive as we would’ve liked. Also, there was a mishap with the bill that needed a bit of correcting, which isn’t always fun.
Deal 6/10- $15 for a Bottomless drink add-on is never bad (regardless of the lack of quality drinks), and they did not give us a real limit to how much we could drink during the brunch timeframe, which is always a plus. Plus, great food is always a life-saver in our book!
We thank Havana Central for having us and look forward to trying their brunch in the future. Stay tuned for more reviews on Bottomless Brunches throughout Long Island! 

Ridgewood Station Tavern

What’s up brunchers? Sorry it’s been a while! Recently we checked out Ridgewood Station Tavern’s Bottomless Brunch! Here’s what we thought:

Food 7/10- Limited menu to choose from but had a variety of different selections. We started with the Mexican Avocado Toast and it sure didn’t disappoint! Avocado, feta cheese, corn and red pepper on top of Texas toast is the perfect way to start a brunch! For entrees, we ordered the Fried Chicken Sandwich, and unfortunately we were underwhelmed. It was almost resembling a Chicken Little from KFC, it was very small and almost seemed over cooked (and that wasn’t the only entree over cooked). Rave reviews for the Churro French Toast, Ridgewood Egg Sandwich and the Corned Beef and Hash.

Drinks 5/10- Not the best drinks I must say, however it should be noted that all of them were poured extremely strong, which is always a plus in my book. We will start with the Bloody Mary: potent, however was very watery and lacked spice. The Mimosa and Bellini has a great ratio, however certain batches of either champagne or the gun juice tasted chemically and became undrinkable. The Screwdriver was extremely strong, almost like you were drinking vodka with some flavoring in there.

Experience 7/10- Great place to watch a sporting event or enjoy some drinks at the bar with a classic yet modern tavern vibe. However wasn’t the best experience. Although we had to change tables, ask for the music to be turned down, and waited a long time for food to come out, the staff was very accommodating and took care of us by giving us a free appetizer for the inconvenience.

Deal 6/10- Affordable food options at a decent-to-good scale with a $15 bottomless option that didn’t seem to have an end in sight makes this a pretty good deal for the crew who likes to party hard!

We thank Ridgewood Station Tavern for having us and look forward to brunching with them in the future. Stay tuned for more reviews of bottomless brunches throughout Long Island! 🥂

The Meetball Place Farmingdale

What’s up brunchers? Recently we checked out The Meetball Place and their Bottomless Brunch. Here’s what we thought:

Food 7/10- I’ll start with what was great: the quality of entrees was better than expected. We ordered the Everything pretzel, and was a great “twist” on a jumbo pretzel topped with everything bagel seasoning. It was served with a garlicky butter, chive cream cheese and regular cheese dipping sauce. The Steak & Egg Brunch Skillet was out of this world! They used their steak meatballs and eggs on top of home fries, cheese Pico and hot sauce! Incredible! The not-so-great: the few options you can pick at brunch makes their menu very shallow. Also, the Breakfast Burrito that was ordered didn’t seem as stuffed or hearty as one would imagine when getting a Breakfast Burrito.

Drinks 7/10- I must say, I was a little disappointed in the Bloody Mary. Good spice and vodka ratio, but was flat, not well-dressed, lacked horseradish and very watery. Their Mimosa was great however! Good quality champagne, perfect ratio, used real orange juice and a traditional champagne glass. Can’t get better than that!

Experience 9/10- Great location in the heart of Main Street Farmingdale, the Meetball Place is a traditional bar/restaurant with a great vibe. Outdoor seating and live music on Sundays is always a plus. We sat at the bar and our bartender took care of us very nicely. Kept our drinks going until the end and provided some great conversation! Drinks could’ve been a little more timely and there was an error where they brought out the wrong dips for our pretzel.

Deal 10/10- What a steal! Your bottomless drinks are included with a brunch entree! So from 10AM-3PM you can drink to your hearts content and only pay for brunch! Make sure you tip your bartenders generously!

We thank The Meetball Place for an awesome brunch and look forward to trying them again in the future! Stay tuned for more reviews of Bottomless Brunches throughout Long Island! 🥂