Garden Grill

Hey brunchers! Still quarantining? We got you covered with a brunch review! Check out Garden Grill in Smithtown’s Bottomless Brunch and see what we thought:

Food 6/10: Definitely one of the more interesting combinations I’ve ever seen at a brunch buffet to say the least. Some highlights: The Eggs Benedict, Ribs (although overcooked), penne a la vodka and crispy bacon. Lowlights: different menu than what was offered on the website, no omelette or carving station, inconsistent refills. Hash browns were plain.

Drinks 8/10- Good Bloody Mary, could be a little more spicy, bold and dressed better! Great Mimosas and they even allowed us to just do champagne. Great ratio and real orange juice!

Experience 10/10- Very lovely and different feel than most brunch places, as it felt as if you were home! warm atmosphere and friendly staff! Didn’t test how long we could take advantage of the bottomless drinks but they were in no rush to kick us out!

Deal 5/10- Based on other brunch buffets we have experienced, $35 all you can eat and drink without a true time limit is a good deal, however more brunch food options based on the price would give this rating a higher score!

We thank Garden Grill for having us and look forward to trying them in the future! Stay tuned of more bottomless brunch reviews throughout Long Island! 🥂


What’s up brunchers? To get you started on another quarantine weekend, we’re here to give you another review! Take a look at what we thought of Indigo in Patchogue:

Food 6/10: The Curry Fries was by far the best and most unique dish we ordered, and their Mac & Cheese did not disappoint. We were underwhelmed by the Join the Club sandwich, which was a little dry and their lemon paprika aioli didn’t stand out. The egg was also overcooked. The burger was good, however was nothing special in terms of brunch.

Drinks 6/10 – It would’ve received a worse rating if they didn’t provide Tito’s Screwdrivers, which was the best aspect of their bottomless. The Bloody Mary has no flavor or spice, and their Mimosa had a very distinct and cheap tasting champagne.

Experience 5/10: We were the only ones in there on a football Sunday. Little to no atmosphere. Bartender was kind and helpful however, but even he knew how bad it looked. Granted, it was a new brunch and sometimes it can take a little time to develop. He was cool enough to let me keep drinking to our hearts content!

Deal 3/10: Their Tito’s screwdriver is not listed on the menu otherwise it would’ve gotten a boost in rating, but the food and drinks offered in the deal do not justify the price. To be noted, I believe you should check them out for yourself as we may have not ordered the greatest things!

We thank Indigo for having us and we look forward to giving them a second chance in the near future! Stay tuned for more reviews! 🥂

The Breakfast Club

Yo brunchers! Coming at you with another bottomless brunch review for The Breakfast Club in RVC! Here’s what we thought:

Food 8/10- The Good: The Chesapeake Benedict and Corned Duck Hash, amazing. Great flavor, runny poached eggs and quality crab and duck. One of the better French Toasts we’ve had too. Bad: Lacked presentation. The Giant Challah French Toast wasn’t as giant as advertised. The Eggy Avocado Toast was really good, lots of mashed avocado, but also really tiny.

Drinks 9/10- One of the better mimosas we have had in a while. Almost perfect ratio (as compared to their sister-sites 👀), real OJ and good champagne.

Experience 9/10- Was extremely busy and noisy as expected. Service was on point, didn’t go dry for many moments before getting a refill, and our bartenders were extremely friendly.

Deal 7/10- On the more pricey side, however for good food and good drinks you can’t go wrong for a pretty penny. *Note* We visited The Breakfast Club prior to them introducing unlimited Bloody Marys and Bellinis that would’ve brought them a higher Deal rating but potentially lower Drink rating.

We thank The Breakfast Club for having us and look forward to trying them again in the future. Stay tuned for more reviews of Bottomless Brunches throughout Long Island! 🥂

NoaMar Markets

What’s going on brunchers? Trying to get a minute away from quarantine? Take a look at our review for NoaMar’s Bottomless Brunch. Here’s what we thought:

Food 9/10 – Lanzarote was amazing, specifically the mashed paintains (one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.) The Pan Tumaca and Desayuno NoaMar were also raved about. A surprisingly different type of food we weren’t expecting to have for brunch, however it was great quality and presentation. Perfectly cooked French Toast and Churros as well. Needs a little more options on their brunch menu!

Drinks 9/10- The Apple Cider Mimosa was perfect! Crisp, tasty and a great champagne ratio. Tinto de Verano (sangria) was also really good, but we wish it had fruit in it. All of us were not big fans of the Vermut (very dry), however one of us could not stop drinking it! Interesting drink selection!

Experience 9/10- The owner and staff were very friendly, warm and accommodating. Created a very neighborhood-like atmosphere that makes regular customers. Drinks sometimes took a little longer than we liked! Not a place to watch sports, but more of a quick bite/date brunch.

Deal 8/10- Although it is a $20 bottomless brunch, the type of different drinks they had coupled with affordable entrees and without a time limit makes this a good deal.

We thank NoaMar for having us and look forward to trying them in the future! Stay tuned for more reviews of Bottomless Brunches throughout Long Island! 🥂

Roc and Olive

What’s up brunchers! Take a look at a review for Roc & Olive’s Bottomless Brunch:

Food 7/10- Some of the highlights were the Kung Pao Calamari, their Traditional wings, Short Rib & Eggs and the Cajun Chicken Sandwich. Their pretzels filled with Brie were one of the weirdest things we’ve had, and was hard to finish. The menu seemed bland even with a decent amount of options.

Drinks 5/10- Not impressed with the drinks. The Sangrias were a bit weak and didn’t have much going on for them. Their Mimosa had a good ratio of champagne but lacked taste.

Experience 7/10- Had a bit of an issue originally sitting down as we wanted to be near this only TV they had, but we made it work. Only other complaint was the quickness of drinks/pitchers to land at our table and upholding their hour and a half limit to the very minute.

Deal 5/10- Not an expensive brunch at all, but based on the quality, time limit and our overall experience, the juice may not be worth the squeeze.

We thank Roc & Olive for having us. Stay tuned for some more reviews of Bottomless Brunches throughout Long Island! 🥂