Garden Grill

Hey brunchers! Still quarantining? We got you covered with a brunch review! Check out Garden Grill in Smithtown’s Bottomless Brunch and see what we thought:

Food 6/10: Definitely one of the more interesting combinations I’ve ever seen at a brunch buffet to say the least. Some highlights: The Eggs Benedict, Ribs (although overcooked), penne a la vodka and crispy bacon. Lowlights: different menu than what was offered on the website, no omelette or carving station, inconsistent refills. Hash browns were plain.

Drinks 8/10- Good Bloody Mary, could be a little more spicy, bold and dressed better! Great Mimosas and they even allowed us to just do champagne. Great ratio and real orange juice!

Experience 10/10- Very lovely and different feel than most brunch places, as it felt as if you were home! warm atmosphere and friendly staff! Didn’t test how long we could take advantage of the bottomless drinks but they were in no rush to kick us out!

Deal 5/10- Based on other brunch buffets we have experienced, $35 all you can eat and drink without a true time limit is a good deal, however more brunch food options based on the price would give this rating a higher score!

We thank Garden Grill for having us and look forward to trying them in the future! Stay tuned of more bottomless brunch reviews throughout Long Island! 🥂

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