What’s up brunchers? To get you started on another quarantine weekend, we’re here to give you another review! Take a look at what we thought of Indigo in Patchogue:

Food 6/10: The Curry Fries was by far the best and most unique dish we ordered, and their Mac & Cheese did not disappoint. We were underwhelmed by the Join the Club sandwich, which was a little dry and their lemon paprika aioli didn’t stand out. The egg was also overcooked. The burger was good, however was nothing special in terms of brunch.

Drinks 6/10 – It would’ve received a worse rating if they didn’t provide Tito’s Screwdrivers, which was the best aspect of their bottomless. The Bloody Mary has no flavor or spice, and their Mimosa had a very distinct and cheap tasting champagne.

Experience 5/10: We were the only ones in there on a football Sunday. Little to no atmosphere. Bartender was kind and helpful however, but even he knew how bad it looked. Granted, it was a new brunch and sometimes it can take a little time to develop. He was cool enough to let me keep drinking to our hearts content!

Deal 3/10: Their Tito’s screwdriver is not listed on the menu otherwise it would’ve gotten a boost in rating, but the food and drinks offered in the deal do not justify the price. To be noted, I believe you should check them out for yourself as we may have not ordered the greatest things!

We thank Indigo for having us and we look forward to giving them a second chance in the near future! Stay tuned for more reviews! 🥂

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