NoaMar Markets

What’s going on brunchers? Trying to get a minute away from quarantine? Take a look at our review for NoaMar’s Bottomless Brunch. Here’s what we thought:

Food 9/10 – Lanzarote was amazing, specifically the mashed paintains (one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.) The Pan Tumaca and Desayuno NoaMar were also raved about. A surprisingly different type of food we weren’t expecting to have for brunch, however it was great quality and presentation. Perfectly cooked French Toast and Churros as well. Needs a little more options on their brunch menu!

Drinks 9/10- The Apple Cider Mimosa was perfect! Crisp, tasty and a great champagne ratio. Tinto de Verano (sangria) was also really good, but we wish it had fruit in it. All of us were not big fans of the Vermut (very dry), however one of us could not stop drinking it! Interesting drink selection!

Experience 9/10- The owner and staff were very friendly, warm and accommodating. Created a very neighborhood-like atmosphere that makes regular customers. Drinks sometimes took a little longer than we liked! Not a place to watch sports, but more of a quick bite/date brunch.

Deal 8/10- Although it is a $20 bottomless brunch, the type of different drinks they had coupled with affordable entrees and without a time limit makes this a good deal.

We thank NoaMar for having us and look forward to trying them in the future! Stay tuned for more reviews of Bottomless Brunches throughout Long Island! 🥂

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