Roc and Olive

What’s up brunchers! Take a look at a review for Roc & Olive’s Bottomless Brunch:

Food 7/10- Some of the highlights were the Kung Pao Calamari, their Traditional wings, Short Rib & Eggs and the Cajun Chicken Sandwich. Their pretzels filled with Brie were one of the weirdest things we’ve had, and was hard to finish. The menu seemed bland even with a decent amount of options.

Drinks 5/10- Not impressed with the drinks. The Sangrias were a bit weak and didn’t have much going on for them. Their Mimosa had a good ratio of champagne but lacked taste.

Experience 7/10- Had a bit of an issue originally sitting down as we wanted to be near this only TV they had, but we made it work. Only other complaint was the quickness of drinks/pitchers to land at our table and upholding their hour and a half limit to the very minute.

Deal 5/10- Not an expensive brunch at all, but based on the quality, time limit and our overall experience, the juice may not be worth the squeeze.

We thank Roc & Olive for having us. Stay tuned for some more reviews of Bottomless Brunches throughout Long Island! 🥂

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