Hey brunchers! This past Sunday we attended the View’s Bottomless Brunch for our first 2019 review! Here’s what we thought:

Food 8/10- One of the best assortment of buffet-style entrees I have seen at a brunch spot! From the best Quiche you can imagine, to sushi, jumbo shrimp, and even crab legs. Also including some regulars like crispy bacon, a meat carving station, omelette station and a wide variety of desserts which including some delicious chocolate-covered cannolis, red velvet cake and the best carrot cake. Some of the not so great items was the penne a la vodka, French toast and the sausage was eh.

Drinks 7/10- Wasn’t the strongest Mimosa I’ve had, and it tasted weak, however we discovered that the champagne was just mild in general when we all went to Champagne. No ice and quality champagne based on the type I saw.

Experience 9/10- The View, well, speaks for itself. The restaurant is right off the river, and on a beautiful day is the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing and stuffed Sunday. The service was great and didn’t mind us staying around for the 2nd session to continue drinking. The only knock was that the refill weren’t as sporadic as other places.

Deal 8/10- $38 for a buffet brunch that includes pretty much everything you desire (ooohhhh the crab legs) as well as an almost limitless bottomless option pretty much cannot be beat! Adding another drink option like a Bloody Mary would boost this score.

We thank the View for having us and look forward to brunching with them in the future! Stay tuned for more reviews on Bottomless Brunches throughout Long Island! 🥂

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