What’s happening brunchers? This past Sunday we checked out Nantucket’s Bottomless Brunch! Here’s what we thought:

Food 8/10- A Seafood heavy location, Nantucket’s had a pretty diverse menu that contained many option for seafood-lovers and haters alike. Our table started with Cornmeal Dusted Calmari and Asian Duck Wings, and they did not disappoint! However, they were more sweet than spicy which wasn’t advertised that way. The Calamari was served on newspaper and came with 3 different sauces. The Lobsta Chowdah was also accompanied with our appetizers and my lord, was it tasty. For our entrees, I was mesmerized by the Firecracker Tuna Steak Sandwich, which was a tuna steak cooked to order glaze with teriyaki and accompanied by pickled vegetables, sriracha aioli on a roll and included noodles in the cutest Chinese food carton. Tasty, but just like the Duck Wings, was advertised better than the product. Some other entrees ordered was the Skirt Steak Sandwich, Steak & Eggs, Salmon BLT, Country Style Eggs Benny and Any Style Eggs.

Drinks 9/10- One of the better Mimosas I’ve had in a while, and trust us we felt the effects of it. Great proportion of champagne-to-orange juice, used real orange juice and wasn’t watered down in ice. They also gave a Poinsettia option where they substitutes the orange juice for cranberry, which was a nice change-of-pace for an upcharge

Experience 9/10- Lovely port-style theme that has multiple sections for your dining experience. The waitresses were attentive and friendly, and kept our drinks flowing! They also have outside seating, however it was cold and rainy the day we went. One note, it is not a good place to watch football but more catered for family and friend gatherings.

Deal 6/10- If done right, you can get your moneys worth if you do just a meal and Mimosas, however it does get pricey if you add Poinsettias and/or add on an appetizer. This rating would be higher if they were included in the $12 Bottomless option price and/or another drink was added, such as a Bloody Mary.

We thank Nantucket’s for an excellent time and look forward to brunching with you again in the future. This is our last brunch of 2018 and we look forward to naming our Top 2018 Bottomless Brunch and trying more brunch places come 2019! 🥂

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