Napper Tandy’s Bay Shore

Hey brunchers! Haven’t done a review in a while, so even when all the odds were against me I was able to do a solo mission to get you another bottomless brunch spot. This past Sunday we checked out Napper Tandy’s in Bay Shore. Here’s what we thought:

Food 5/10- Didn’t have many options for their brunch menu, however I ordered the Southern Chicken Biscuit Sliders as that looked like the most intriguing and desirable menu item. Decent for the most part. Without their special honey chipotle sauce the biscuits with chicken and topped with cheese were rather dry and hard to eat. Still loved the concept and didn’t come with any fries or anything to complement the meal.

Drinks 6/10- Pretty good Bloody Mary minus the looks. Although not dressed well and wasn’t thick, it was spicy and flavorful. Their Mimosa was really strong (I would say 90% champagne, just the way I like it) but started to become watered down as the time went on. Still, it was chilled without any ice and made it worthwhile to keep drinking!

Experience 8/10- Typical Irish pub, however was huge in size and had plenty of room for more parties. Didn’t get overcrowded and the bartenders/waitresses were extremely helpful and kept my glass full for the most part. Perfect brunch for a football Sunday!

Deal 6/10- Not a bad deal for decent food and strong drinks, however the $20 bottomless deal would get a higher grade if an extra drink like beer was included in the deal.

We thank Napper Tandy’s in Bay Shore for a good Sunday funday and looking forward to trying you in the future. Stay tuned for more bottomless brunch reviews this coming December! 🥂

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